Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some Famous lines ever said...


Guys.... I am back again, after a hibernation of almost 20 months. Not even sure if my fellow bloggers are updating their blogs. We are more into updating our statuses on Facebook these days. When I first logged in today, I was surprised that I remembered my password to login. With Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, Rediffmail, Facebook, Linkedin, eBay, Amazon, Office Email Password, VPN Password, Bank Account Login, Credit Card Login, ATM Card Password, Access Card Password, Mobile Voice mail Password, International Dialing Password... Passwords and Passwords... How am I supposed to remember so many characters and special characters with numbers squeezed in between for different logins? :D

But my friends, I took all the efforts to hack into my own account to update and try and revive some old memories. There are so many of them but I want to pen down some of the greatest and funniest dialogs ever said and wish they hadn't been said in the first place. Though this is a no Top Five List - please rate the best among these 5 on the right hand side of the blog page after reading. :D

Now, sit back, recollect these lines and enjoy the funny moments :D a

1. "Koi Aaye na aaye... apun dono pakka Goa jayenge...." - Atul to me
Dec 2004 - the Goa trip was in planning stage. I wanted to go and enjoy Goa but none from the Animal Kingdom was willing to commit. This was when Atul jumped to my rescue mouthing the most famous line ever - "Denzi... koi aaye na aaye.. apun dono pakka Goa jayenge.." No.. nothing great about this line. Its just that after saying it, he was the first one to drop out of the plan :D Something our politicians do it so well. Well done Atul. This famous dialog will go in the annals of Animal Kingdom as the one the best lines ever said :D
To this day, when we are sure we cant make it, we use this line as a mocking tool. :D

2. "Paise ka mat soch..." - Gala to Atul
Early 2005 after Goa trip when we started searching jobs to support our engineering degrees. :D Atul known to reject job offers just looking at the bold numbers on the offer letter was chatting with Gala about a new job offer. Gala and Ali had got into a field job which involved more travelling than a UPS or Fedex guy all over India installing the RF Antennas (or whatever) :P This was when Atul told Gala that he was interested and would like to take this job. Then he made a blunder of asking Gala about the salary to which Gala retorted - "Abe.. Paise ka mat soch.." which shocked Atul to the core. :D When you are known to take job profiles for a great money package, you are not expected to get such replies. After that Atul never dared to ask further about that profile.. :D

3. "Tum log sab kidhar gum gaye the???" - Builder to everyone
Sept 2001 - The engineering college group had planned a visit to the Mount Mary Fest at Bandra Fair. With such a huge group, everyone split into smaller groups and started on their journey. But then our Builder was very eager to show some famous places in Bandra as he completed his junior college from that part of the city. And who better to show than apna Bawa?? Builder had this good bonding technique then.. put his left arm around his buddy and then take him away from the group unmindful of his surroundings. And poor Bawa, did not know Builder so good enough those days and fell into his trap.. oops.. i mean arms... left arm to be precise.. :D
Then the under-arm guy did not have to do anything. Builder took him away from the group and showed him all the "best" places to hangout in Bandra. Bawa tried his best to slowdown so that the group catches up with them. But who can stop our Builder?? :D And Bawa's worst nightmare came true. They both got lost from the crowd and those were the days of landline phones. :P So no mobile phone to the rescue. Having no choice and with in such a crowded place like Bandra Fair, they roamed on their own. Whether they had a good time or not - Bawa would be the right person to answer. So, Bawa please open up today..We want to know. :D
Take 2 - Next Day - College Cafeteria - Naveen delivers his most famous line ever - "Tum log sab kidhar gum gaye the??? in front of the crowd to which he got the most sensible/funny/sarcastic reply - "Abe ghumte 10 log nahi.... Do ghumte hain..." :D We wont ever forget this incident Naveen...Hats off for this one ;)

4. "Tu hamesha mere saath aisa hi karta tha Thakur" - Kandu to Thakur
Though its just a line - its shows the deep chemistry between Kandu and Thakur. :D Thakur known for his flamboyant style, sometimes did not devote time for Kandu and managed to wriggle out of his commitments made to Kandu by saying his famous and most widely used word - "Sorry yaar"... but how much can one take it?? When it reached the threshold of his patience, Kandu almost cried out to Thakur... "Tu hamesha mere saath aisa hi karta tha Thakur" - Now that Kandu is getting married... lets keep this matter hush hush till he completes his wedding vows :D

5. "Prod ET Bhai Bhai" - Pakya and Bawa to each other
May 2004 in some bar in Dombivli - We had officially completed our last ever exam of engineering (KTs not taken into account) ;) It felt so good after completing those torturous 4 years of engineering, countless assignments, long KT queues with a Rs. 420 DD in one hand, boring lectures, long tiring journeys to college, big fat engineering definitions and fundas to cramp in the exams. Ah!!! It was the day when we all felt... we all had been waiting for.. a feeling that one has been released from all the bonds and chains... But we were wrong... ;) Life outside engineering college is not so kind. No second chances like in engineering days...
With 10 beer bottles and a packet of cigarettes down, Pakya and Bawa discovered their love for each other. And who could stop them after that. All they did was - Get up together, plant a kiss on each others cheeks, give each other a tight hug while we held the chairs below them so that they could land perfectly. This line holds the record for being repeated multiple times in a span of 2 hours. We lost count the number of times they kissed and hugged each other saying the same slogan... "Prod ET Bhai Bhai"

Guys.. this is not the end... we have many more lines... which need to be published.. to remind ourselves of those greatest moments we spent together.. :) So keep watching... We are Back :)


Maha said...

'Lady of Kandu' has read this hush hush bush bush!!!
If Kandu and Thakur has some chemistry or history... I am sure this 'tree' wont continue anymore... :D

Lovely to read this work...

(Hi all guys!)

DENZIL said...

To Lady of Kandu...Maha.... I forgot to add a note - All the contents in the above write-up are fictional and bear no resemblance to anyone living or dead.. :D

Please marry Kandu... We all love him... :D

mysticarni said...

@Denzie: Hhehehe that's the spirit Denzie .. Glad to see you back on the blogging scene.. I liked this line the best "Tu hamesha mere saath aisa hi karta tha Thakur" .. and second most favorite.. "Tum log sab kidhar gum gaye the???" .. hehe finally some nice post :D

DENZIL said...

Thanks Arnico.... I hope the dry spell is over... and the blogger in me is back... :)

Tarun said...

Denzi's back with a bang.. Good comeback performance.. :) Difficult to rate re.. Heard all of them in person... every line had its own context.. All are awesome.. :) I can add one more though.. "Abhi dinner hua.. sweet dish ka intezar kar raha tha.. aur aapka call aaya..".. :)

DENZIL said...

Hahaha.. Sahi bola... Each one is funny... Jo jo raaz seene mein dafan hain... ab sab bahar niklenge... :D

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preejush said...

arey denzi tere tho chinese and japanese log bhi fan hai...

nice one dude..