Monday, May 26, 2008

Something More...

It had hardly been a month since Daniel had seen Lavina for the first time in the office Cafeteria. He had fallen for her cute smile and why not? She had the most beautiful smile that his eyes had ever witnessed. It was not that he had never seen a girl more beautiful than her ever. But she was special and nothing on earth could explain his feelings he closely guarded within the boundaries of his heart.

Both exchanged those curious gazes the first time their eyes met in the sparse crowd of the Cafeteria. Lavina's black kohled eyes seemed to question Daniel's dark eyes. His eyes had so much to ask yet nothing to answer. The time appeared to stand still and then both were rudely jolted back to reality by a guy in low waist washed out jeans and extra large T-Shirt hollering to his gang of 5 guys and 2 gals that it was getting late. He seemed to be in a hurry to rush home and had already stuffed his mouth with one chunk of Samosa and one more in other hand.

Damn!!! thought Daniel. "Had it not been for this guy, I would have atleast given her a smile." He glanced at his watch. It was 6:00 in the morning and the sun had already risen in Daniel's heart for Lavina. Daniel's eyes followed Lavina to the end of the alley where the alley ended into a pale clean whitewashed wall and he could see her no more.

There was something mesmerizing about Lavina that attracted Daniel towards her like a moth to a flame. A moth that flies into the heart of the flame unaware of the aftermath. By this time Daniel had been through a whirlwind of emotions and was all blank just like a volatile person led out of a hypnotism room.

He walked out of the cafeteria towards his bay. Was he dreaming??? There he saw Lavina standing outside his bay. Daniel's strength left him and went weak in the knees unable to carry his legs any further. Dragging himself and eyes inspecting the carpet floor, avoiding any further eye contact he reached the entrance to his bay. "Hi there!", he heard a faint voice.

To be Contd...

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I thought of penning down a simple story between a boy and a girl. However, my style of writing will be heavily influenced by Chetan Bhagat of "Five Point Someone" and "One night @ Call Center" fame. I am just trying to copy him. So, any resemblances and you know why. I am not sure of the number of parts this story would run into. Haven't thought of a name as yet.
Well, here it goes.....

"6:40 a.m", Daniel glanced in his Timex Brown Dial watch. "I have to reach the Interface Building before she leaves." Daniel's mind wandered when he had last time seen Lavina. He was smitten by her cute smile the very first time he had seen her. Though Daniel never believed in Love at first sight, he could never explain this feeling he had for her.

Daniel and Lavina worked for an international contact center. Daniel was in his first shift (7:00 - 15:00) today while Lavina's shift ended at 5:30. But she had to wait till 7:00 for her transport to drop her home. This was one of the best things of working for a contact center. You get the company transport for home pickup and home drop. Though Daniel worked in a contact center, he did not belong to the BPO. He was a part of the technical team.

It was the mid of monsoon and Daniel was greeted outside the railway station by the dirty brown muck thanks to the morning drizzle. The smell of hot Batata Wadas and Medu Wadas filled the air tempting the morning crowd to the roadside restaurants for a quick breakfast. Daniel was hungry but he couldn't afford to waste his time gorging the road side stuff. Quickly, he made his way from the railway station to the rickshaw stand. His office was located 10 minutes walk from the station. But, he did not feel like walking that day through the wet mucky road spoiling his expensive Lee Cooper leather shoes. Also, he was getting late.

"Interface Building", Daniel told to the rickshaw driver and hopped into the rickshaw. Barely had he managed to seat himself and 2 men got in. This was courtesy - Share an auto where 3 people shared the auto fare to travel the same distance. Already cramped into a small seat, Daniel was now sharing his space with 2 men.

2 minute ride later, Daniel found himself outside the Main Gate of the Interface Building. He took out the Identity Card from his Shirt Pocket and wore it around his neck. No one was allowed inside the Interface Main Gate without a valid Identity Card. The visitors too were given a special Visitor's Card which was to be worn all the time in the building premises.
"I wonder why this place requires so many men in Security Uniform strolling around? This place seems to be more heavily guarded than the Pentagon.” thought Daniel. Soon, he was at the reception. 2 more guards glanced at his Identity Card. "Strange", thought Daniel," They see me everyday and even then they scrutinize my Identity Card. Either they are very loyal to their duty or have a short memory."

Flashing his Access card in front of the Card Reader, Daniel made his way to the Recreation Area A. It was located perpendicular to the Main Exit. A water cooler, a coffee vending machine and a waste bin were the only permanent occupants of the Recreation Area. However, he witnessed a couple standing there today.

Daniel's Bay was located to the extreme right of this Recreation Area A just before the Cafeteria. As always, Daniel filled his paper glass with water from the cooler. While sipping the cool water Daniel’s head turned to catch a glimpse of the girl - a general male tendency. But, the sight made his heart sink. She was Lavina. Daniel's mind was injected with thoughts, "Who the hell is that guy??? What is he doing here??? Why is he discussing with Lavina??"

Angry and dejected, he crumpled the paper cup and threw it into the waste bin. With a heavy heart he once again glanced at Lavina. This time she saw him. "Hiiiiiiiii", she shouted out. Her words were like a whiff of fresh air. All his dejection vaporized into thin air. Daniel wanted to speak to wave back to her. But, a soft Hi was all he could whisper. He did not feel like invading their privacy.

Daniel was a simple guy. A simple Hi from Lavina made his day. With a song on his lips and a spring in his steps, Daniel advanced towards his Bay. He was on Cloud Nine.

To be Contd…