Wednesday, December 21, 2005

When Some Things Go Wrong...

Before I start.......Let me wish all the readers of this blog a

I don’t know if its just a mere coincidence or is it planned by the God above? It’s happening for the second time in a row. We always plan out for a Tour-de-Goa for New Year celebrations and something has to go wrong with greater part of the species of the Animal Kingdom. The last time we planned out… we started out with 9 guys and at the time of departure we ended up with only 3 guys. And those 3 guys included myself, Tarun and Naveen. Rehan and Atul at the last precious moment managed to get a job and we cursed them to hell. This part of the story has become so famous that we have dedicated a post to this story. Click here to have a look at the comedy of errors.

But this time the tables have turned. The trio, who enjoyed in Goa last year have got new assignments. Tarun has been sent overseas to San Diego for his HP project from his company. He is scheduled to return only in the first week of March next year. To know more about his story in Amrika click here. Naveen and myself managed to repeat the performance of Rehan and Atul. Yup!!! This time we got new jobs. Last time we managed to give creepy reasons and escape... but this time we are not gonna approach our new bosses with some weird reasons. We both have already done that performance last year and we don't wish to repeat our Oscar award winning performance again.

But this is not the only reason of canceling out the trip to Goa. The two most excited guys this time who were planning out the Goa trip have made themselves unavailable. The reason???? Rehan managed to perform a stunt on his bike that has landed him on the bed with bruises and a black eye. Nothing serious. And Ali… Uska Kya Kehna!!!! Today he is departing to Hyderabad for his job venture. Happy Journey Ali!!! BYE… BYE… (Say this to the tune to V.I.P. ad jingle). Atul is already out this time coz he has his eyes set on his target. He is planning to give the GATE to enter one of the most esteemed university in the world -- the IIT Bombay. Best of Luck dude. Do well and make us proud!!!

Finally, the last year’s experienced campaigners to Goa have decided to land in Goa for the Goa Carnival, which will be held sometime in March. So, Goa be ready….we are coming again…. And before I conclude this saga of betrayal and frustration…. let me spread a little happiness and joy around.... I will do this by wishing Rehan and Ali … Many Many Happy Returns of the Day… So guys if you want a Shandaar and Jaandaar treat from these 2 guys, rise to your feet and wish them. After all this occasion comes once in a year and the treat comes once in a blue moon.
Here is a tribute to their Tom and Jerry friendship. We all know who is Tom and who Jerry is. Anyone having doubts can have a look at their nanga punga picture again. The smile on Rehan's face says it all. Do I need say more???

Wishing Rehan a speedy recovery. Saale… Get well soon… We have to rock the 31st night this year. And no more of your bike stunts please. :)

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Room Partner

This post is the sequel to my earlier post "The Room". Special apologies to Mr. Arvind Khutkar for divulging his room secrets. No hard feelings !!! Please take this post sportingly. And all my room partners beware!!! You are NEXT!!!

Afer shifting our books and more books and a handful clothes, to our new room, myself and Tarun wondered how are we gonna manage living in this room. The room was so small that I just had to stretch my arms and I had half the room to myself. We racked our brains and came up with some good plans to utilize the room to a maximum extent. We did not want even a inch of space to be wasted. Every inch was precious in our room.

And now we also had to share our precious space with another guy. We did not have to wait long to meet our room partner and it took even less time to befriend him. He mixed with us as salt in water. He stood at 5' 4" and must have weighed at around 45 kgs. He ranked in the top 30 of some biological studies in India. We called him Plant doctor when he was around and Ghas Phus ka doctor behind his back. His name was Mr. Arvind Khutkar.

He was the perfect specimen of a bachelor. You just had to stay with him for one day to find that out. When he got his salary at the start of each month, he would take me and Tarun out for dinner. He spent money like there was no tomorow. As the end of the month neared, he was broke. I still remember those days when he used to go to bed hungry. When we asked him if he wanted us to bring him something, he would decline politely by saying..."I am not hungry"...He believed in the saying... "Dine like a king at the start of the month and starve like a beggar at the end of the month".

Even if Arvind went to bed hungry, he did not fail to apply some face pack on his face. He did that almost every alternate day. He was more metro sexual than Mr. Shahrukh Kkkkkkhan himself. He spent almost one hour in front of a small hand held red mirror every night. He liked to admire his face. I still remember that day when Tarun knocked off that mirror and it shattered to pieces. But, this did not deter the poor guy from admiring himelf in the same broken mirror. Hmmm.. I guess ..Old habits die hard!!!

Even if Arvind was one of the toppers in his college, he did not behave like one. He was a cool guy. He taught us to play guitar. But there was one habit of this guy, which i can recollect even to this day. As everyone knows, we bachelors are lazy bumps. But this habit of Arvind, was the height of laziness. I would suggest: Don't try this at home!!! Whenever he had any paper in hand after eating something, he would simply roll the paper and drop it on the floor. Then, with the talent of Ronaldinho he would kick that roll of paper under the sofa. GOAAAALLLL!!!!!

At the end of the month, there were many such balls in the 'goal'. Long live the unique skills of a talented soccer player.