Sunday, August 08, 2010


Daniel did not have the courage to raise his eyes. His heart was quivering with conflicting emotions as he felt his body's resistance to his heart's nudging. "I wish we both were just alone so that I would have the audacity to look her in the eyes and just be myself" Daniel thought wishfully. As his feet inched towards Lavina he raised his eyes only to find her standing in front of him.

Such moments only brought out the worst from Daniel. No matter what he wanted to say, he only ended up blurting out mono syllables like a scared kinder garden kid on the first day of school in front of his class teacher. And no Daniel was not such a scarecrow when it came to speaking to other girls. But, he underwent a complete transformation with Lavina in such close proximity. 

Maybe her presence sent down impulses of a system slow down in Daniel's brain and Lavina completely took control over just like the character in a TV obediently surrendering to the command of the remote.

"Hi", was all Daniel could whimper. He went weak in the knees and could feel butterflies in his stomach. His clumsiness brought a smile on Lavina's face. A smile that Daniel could die for. Her smile stopped Daniel's world and transported him into a different world altogether.

She nodded her head and continued walking towards the Parking lot. She then turned back and saw Daniel still standing and gazing at her. Daniel's eyes followed her till they were obstructed by the thick concrete wall.

Mesmerized by her thoughts Daniel entered his bay. Her smile was all his eyes could see and her 'Hi' was all that was echoing in his ears. "I would never be able to talk to her if she keeps smiling that way", thought Daniel. Her smile was the most beautiful he had ever seen. It made his heart pound harder and put a halt to his thinking process. 

"The next time I meet her, I am gonna SPEAK and not behave like a complete idiot" thought Daniel smiling to himself.