Monday, October 30, 2006


J U N G L E E S???

Year 2000 - A batch of 12th standard guys was just passed out of college. This was the time when almost everyone had their eyes set for higher studies. Some dreamt of being doctors, some wanted to carry on their family business, some just wanted to experience what college life is all about and then there were some like me who wanted to take on the world, experience extreme torture, undergo agony, feel excruciating pain, get tormented.

But I was ready to take the challenge head on. Not because I was fearless but because I was unaware of the perils involved in my decision. And I was not the only brave man who made this decision. There were thousands like me. Yes!!! I am proud to say that I chose engineering over all options given to me.

And as they say… the battle is not won by brave men alone; you need armies to trounce your enemies. So, we formed an army in college called the Animal Kingdom. 20 animals - all from different species.

I still remember those days when we tacked together in our matchbox sized canteen more famous for its hideouts after bunking lectures than for its oily food. Those were the days when we had to join 2 long tables to make place for our group to dine together. Be it canteen or any hotel; we had to wait for our turn to dine because there was hardly any eatery… that could accommodate so many animals on one table.

However, the hotel managers took all these efforts because one thing was guaranteed. At the end of it all… our bills would surely bring a smile on his face. The amount and the speed with which the food disappeared from our plates was a testimony to the fact that we were voracious eaters like piranhas.

We don’t believe in sharing food. If sharing food is your philosophy then I can assure you that you will always go hungry if you dine with us. Food for us is something which has to be fought for. I recollect those days in college, when we literally use to fight for tiffins. With a chapatti in one hand, and other hand ready to grab whatever food came in the way, it was not one of the pleasant sights to watch. It was more of a scene straight from some famine struck remote villages in Africa.

The way we ate our food, it would not hard to believe if someone mistook we ate food only once a week. But then, this is how we loved eating our tiffins – like Junglees. We were just imitating our forefathers - the cavemen.

Now, it’s a different story altogether. With most of the animals scattered across the globe, our group is not the same anymore.

Anil - Wellington

Ameya and Kandu – NY

Tarun – San Diego

Manprit – Northampton

Rehan – Scotland

Bawa - Pune

Nirav - Ahmedabad

Cedric - Pune

We miss you guys. We know that you miss Mumbai and you miss us. But, believe me; you have got a golden opportunity to give your careers a flying start. Make the full use of it and be in touch. Do keep calling. Dollars aur pounds ki fikar chodd do... Yeh toh sab haath ki mail hain... ;-D

Friday, October 20, 2006

Love Guru

LOVE – A word which everyone loves speaking or reading about. A word which everyone has experienced. Thought, the definition may change from person to person, but the essence will remain the same.

You might wonder… what makes Denzil deviate from his usual Taang Khichayee and write about Love and that too in the most unusual place like Animal Kingdom. Well… lots of reasons actually…

- I couldn’t think of any other topic…
- A romantic song playing on my PC… (Tum Mile…)
- Season of love (Its kind of contagious... Loveria)

I can go on and on… But now, that I have given a decent justification… I don’t think I need to convince you further… ;-)

So, back to the topic… What is Love??? (Socho Socho)

Here are some definitions I thought are very beautiful and touching...

“Love is when you commit a mistake but your Mom just gives you a tight hug when you say Sorry.”
- Janice (6 years)

“Love is when even after celebrating 50 years of marriage, grandmother still blushes when grandfather tells her that she looks so beautiful…”
- George (Son)

“Love is when my dad brings flowers for my mom just to see a smile on her face…”
- Rose (18 years)

No book can describe the experince of real love... It can only be felt by the 2 beating hearts...

So go on my friends… Proclaim your love… Go and tell that special person in your life how much you love him/her…. It doesn't matter what their reply is. A sweet poem which says it all...

I want to tell her,
I want her to know that I don't want to be just friends,
I love her but I'm just too shy,
and I don't know why.

Read it here. Courtesy: Tarun

Love is all about making the other person feel good... Go out and spread love… every person needs it… Its time to show the other person what Love is all about… You don’t have to take much efforts… A small compliment and a smile is all the armor you need…

HAPPY DIWALI all my dear friends.... Wishing U a Sparkling and Crackling Festival of Lights... Forget your diet and binge on sweets...