Sunday, January 28, 2007

Some Kodak Moments

Its been a long time since I have put up something on the blog. Lately I have been bitten by an army of lazy bugs. But, there is a good news. Finally, I have managed to shrug off my laziness and do my bit to put up something here... which will invite me curses. Par tum logon ke liye... I have taken all the risks.

So, countrymen and Romans... apne dil thaam lijiye... I present to you - a collection of snaps which had been hidden from private eyes. But, over the years, a khufiya reporter had been taking all the efforts, risking his life... collecting the photographs. I have been requested not to reveal his name and all you people out there know that how kind I am. So, this secret will be a secret...

P.S. : All the expressions caught on the camera are REAL. Please don't try them anywhere else you will find them posted here.

Clicked on our Lohagad Trek - Atul caught during his Paagalpan ke Daures

Clicked in Sardar's OMNI - Bhoot Unkil Hoon Main... (Watch Atul's fingers too... Some mantras being recited)

Salli caught as usual in R-Mall getting close with Kandu (Thakur --- yeh kya ho gaya???)

In Goa - Salli in his world famous "Hai Allah Maar Daala" Pose while Rehan ready to Give Chamaat

Salli as Umraon Jaan in revealing clothes

Hai Daiyya - Yeh Kya Kar rahe ho??? - Salli in yet another award winning pose

Statuary Warning for Tarun: Changing Clothes on the Road is injurious to Dog's Health

Gala caught in Ahmedabad - Koi iss Bhooke Nange Ki Madat Karo Plz. Paise ka mat socho. Send CASH only.

In Janshatabdi - Kandu caught dropping his pants. Look at that glow on Kandu's face.

MuthuSwamy Cheeranjeevi Kandu Babu - Kali Konchay Peer Panve - South Indian Superstar

"Dukh Raha Hai" - Kandu seems to say
Smart Dude with Glowing Spikes

Divya Jyoti on Pakya's Belt at his Arranged Funeral
If the above snaps brought a smile on your face, you are free to distribute it amongst your friends. After all Laughter is the best medicine. If you have own funny snaps send them to me. I promise to get them published free of charge and yeah ... your name will be a secret.