Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Game Over...

Cricket may be your religion and Sachin may be your God..... but I don't like your religion and I dont like your God.... I dont care what you think about me and I dont care a damn...

No.. I am not insane.... I may sound very sarcastic... but then that is what i feel about this game taught to us by the Englishmen..... Cricket according to me is nothing but pure waste of time and money....

People shirk work for watching a cricket match on the television..... Hockey is our national game.... but even then the focus is always on cricket.... All the other games like Football, Hockey, Athletics take a beating....

You may have your own views about cricket.... For you it may be the greatest game ever played... But i just dont love this game... When India wins a cricket match..there are celebrations all around... But did you ever pause and think... "How many nations play this game?" Hardly 12.... And despite of that.... India is not the No. 1.... Just look at the population of India.... How many medals do we win in Olympics??? One every four years... After winning a lone medal... we all feel proud.... Have you ever thought why do other countries with a population half than ours like France, UK, Germany win so many medals??? It is because in India...all the youngsters want to grow up and become Sachin Tendulkars or Rahul Dravids...... but no one ever dreams of winning a gold medal in Olympics for our country????

Com'on India... wake up... its time for us to promote other games... Have a look at other Indians who are making their mark in other sports....

Watch out for
Narain Karthikeyan....nick named "Fastest Indian in the world".. he drives a F1 car.... the first Indian to do so... considering the fact... there are only 20 seats in the world... he is among the top 20.... and he is also the first Indian to score 5 F1 points... and one of the best debut drivers having a good season...

Watch out for Sania Mirza... she plays Tennis.... is the first Indian to break into the top 50....currently ranked 34th.... and has the potential to break into top 10... has a big (both male and female) fan following.....

Watch out for Anju George.... She is a long jumper..... Has won a bronze medal in World Athletic Championships.... she is also the first Indian athlete ever to win a medal in a major international competition.... she achieved this distinction when she won a medal in Paris...

Now guys.. did you realize.... what did you miss out... you missed out these guys making their debuts and making it BIG..... now just keep a watch on them.... you dont know... when they will say... "CRICKET ----- GAME OVER"

Saturday, September 10, 2005

One Night at the Call Center...

When the city dozes off at night.... a small section of the city starts working.... I am not talking about the FBI.... the secret agents... the terrorists..or the Gurkhas.... I am talking about a new generation of youngsters who work in the call centers.....

Working in the call centers implies working with the overseas clients.... the work pressure is high..and the probability of losing your cool inversely proportional to the IQ level of the person on the other side of the call... I would like to describe one of the interesting conversations that took place when I was working in a call center....

Note: All the names have been changed to protect identity and embarrassment

Me: Hello, my name is Denzil. I am a help desk engineer for Microsoft process. How may I assist you?

Julia: Hi.... I am unable to hear any audio on my computer. I don't know what the problem is....

Me: Thank you for describing me the issue, Julia. Before we proceed to resolve this issue, can I ask you a few questions?

Julia: Oh Sure, Denzil. Ask me what you want to.

Me: Thank you Julia. Can you tell me since when are you facing this issue?

Julia: It happened right after I installed that damn SP2.

Me: Okay, Julia, it seems that your sound drivers are not updated. We need to update them.

Julia: Okay, lets do it.

Me: So Julia, do you have the audio driver CD with you right now?

Julia: I think I do. Just wait a sec till I get them.

Me: Sure, Julia.

(After 2 mins)

Julia: I got them. Can you tell me where do we insert the CDs in the computer?

(I was shocked... What???? She doesn't know where to insert the CDs.... or is she kidding???)

Me ( with a puzzled look and tone) : Julia, do you see the CD-ROM in the tower? (A Tower is the CPU cabinet)

Julia: No. What do you mean by that?

Me (confused like a kid in the streaptease bar): Okay, Julia. Do you see a small push-button on the tower? when you click that, a tray is ejected. This tray is the CD-ROM.

Julia (in an icy cool tone): Oh.... I know this Denzil.

Me (letting out a sigh of relief): So we need to put the audio driver CD in this tray.

Julia (with arogance): I can't do this Denzil. I can't.

Me (with WTF look on my face) : May I know the reason, Julia?

Julia (in a cute childish tone): That is because it is my Coffee Cup holder.

Me (banging my head on the wall): SOMEBODY STOP ME!!!!