Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Miss U Mate...

Brave, tough, courageous, fearless, caring and loving – a few words that best describe a guy who often risked his life to rescue the four legged animals, the sharks, crocodiles, reptiles, the birds and every mute animal you can think of.

Steve Irwin – the crocodile hunter as he was popularly known wasn’t a hunter in the real life. Known for his daredevil stunts to rescue his friends in distress, it’s a pity that he passed away while filming one of those underwater films.

I still vividly remember, the first time I saw Steve on Animal Planet on his TV program, the Crocodile Hunter. I was quite amazed the way he handled snakes and other reptiles. “Isn’t she beautiful???” was one of his favorite dialogues whenever he came in contact with his wild animal friends.

He made me see animals and reptiles in a totally different perspective. His love for animals was legendary, handed over to him by his parents and in turn he has handed it over to his 2 kids and American wife Terri.

Though there is a lot to write about this man, my words won't do justice to the work he did. He was a crusader who took up their cause against their unnatural predators – HUMANS. Its still sad that people are ignorant of the great work he did.

Miss U Mate… Thanks for all that you did for the Animal Kingdom!!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Chak De Phatte

NOTE: This post has been written in English, Hindi and Punjabi.

Janam din diyan wadhayian Paaje… Chak De Phatte… This is how we would have greeted our dear friend Sardar… complete with birthday bumps if he was in Mumbai today… But he managed to escape to UK for his higher studies… Bach gaya tu Sardar

Sardar is a man of few words… He doesn’t speak… He only laughs… Just like Siddhu… A small sher for our Birthday Boy (Boy is an understatement .. Poora Sand hai yeh)
Aaj Sardar yahan hota toh Iss baat pe hasta …
Aaj agar Sardar yahan hota toh Uss baat pe hasta…
Aaj agar Sardar yahan hota toh Bin baat ke bhi hasta

Like all Punjab da Mundas.. he is loyal fan of the Deol movies. Loves to watch all the movies starring Sunny Paaji. Another close connection he shares with the Deol famly is that he resembles Bobby.. Bobby Darling nahi yaar...Bobby Deol…

Some of the limited Sardar’s activities include Pushing and shoving people around him… Like a monster truck jiske brakes fail ho gaye hon .. Itna Wadda Hoye see.. Parr itnni si bhi akkal nahi uske naal… but still behaves like a small kid… Ameya warned him not to do the same when he is in UK coz the Cop may hand over a ticket… However… Ameya forgot to mention that tickets mean Fines… Now what if Sardar pushes a Cop and tells him… I want a ticket of Sunny Paaji’s movie… Sometimes I do feel sorry for the Englishmen... But then they need to payback for what they did to India 50 years back... Chak de Phatte Paaji

Jokes apart… Sardar… we wish you all the best… Tere naal Good Luck Hoya See… Keep in touch… (Choote Rehna) hehehe... Hass Sardar Hass

P.S. Sardar's new look after his return from UK...