Sunday, August 28, 2005

Talk to Me!!!

The war is ON!!! Its really ON!!! Never before it was so easy to stay in contact with friends..... But now... with the launch of a new Messenger... Google Talk things seem to have changed...... After all the big name messengers were blocked by my company firewall..... finally I can chat with my friends again.... I was sick of that IP Messenger.....

As we all know, MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger are the two big daddies of the internet messenger world. Rediff Bol is a just another new born.

Well, when I started chatting, mIRC was the hot favourite among youngsters like me.... Then slowly, I shifted my loyalty towards MSN. Chatting on MSN Messenger was fun because I could invite my friends in a conference.... Later on..I began to like Yahoo. It was because when none of my friends were online..I could go into one of the chat rooms and have fun chatting with complete strangers from different parts of the world....

After chatting with my friends, here are my some of my observations about the chat machines we use today:

Name : MSN Messenger 7.0
Why Yes: Winks which occupy half the screen, Messages can be sent in one's handwriting
Why No: No chat rooms

Name : Yahoo Messenger 7.0
Why Yes: Indian Audibles, Launchcast Radio, Stealth Settings
Why No: Bad Conferencing facility

Name : Rediff Bol 7.0
Why Yes: Indian Chat rooms
Why No: Dhinchak Skins (Purple...Eeks)

Name : Google Talk (BETA)
Why Yes: Cute interface, Small in size (Size does matter)
Why No: No invisible mode, No conferencing

But I must say that Google Talk is the best of all the messengers available today..... Its because it has a cute interface.... and it looks cho chweet!!!! Also, it can be hidden any time when your boss comes around for his usual rounds..... But I would like to add some featues to Google Talk like the Mr. India mode.... I mean..the Invisible Mode..... Also, the addition of the conference facility will be an added advantage.....

So guys.... if you have not yet downloaded Google Talk ....what are you waiting for???? Click on the link and start talking..... I mean chatting...

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Yeh Jodi Hai No. 1

Whenever I think of dedicating a song to my friends.... the 2 songs that come to my mind are: "Yeh Dosti...." from the film Sholay..... and "Dil Chahta Hai...." from Dil Chahta Hai itself..... The message that both songs convey is the same..... "Friendship is everything..... We laugh... We cry (to be frank...Boys don't cry.... I put this word..just to rhyme) We fight.... but the next moment we are still friends..... and we are always united..."

This is what friendship is all about...... Sharing...Caring.... Enjoying each other's company.... Fighting..... Having fun..... Bitching ( yup.... if you girls think..its your are all mistaken).... Playing..... Planning trips and ditching at the last moment ( Remember..GOA)..... Planning trips and going together ( Alibaug).... Partying (Bandra).... making a Bakra out of someone (Ali).... watching movies (First Day... any show)...... Bunking lectures together..... catching the same local train..... taking admission in the same engineering classes..... ordering the same food in the restaurant ( so that nobody steals food from your plate).....

But here is a pair from our Animal Kingdom..which was always inseparable....

On 9th of this month (August) ---- KANDU the guy in Italian T-shirt (made in India) celebrated his birthday.... and today (18th August) ... THAKUR the guy in Blue T-shirt is celebrating his birthday..... Well, these are not their real names.... Yeh to hum unhe pyaar se bulate hain.....

Hey guys.... WISHING THAKUR MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY!!!!! and KANDU....BELATED HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY.... Now, Thakur (Ameya) is leaving for the USA next week for his further studies..... Best of LUCK.... dude...... Wahan jaake desh ka naam roshan karna!!!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Independence Day ... We the people

Happy Independence Day to all the Indians in India and Indians in other countries as well!!!!!

I had no intention of writing a post on Independence day..and believe me....this is not a post on Independence day..... All of us know what Independence day is all about.... for us teenagers its just another holiday to freak out with our friends.... By the time we get up on this day.... the flags would have been hoisted... the national anthems would have been sung... the Prime Minister would have given his speech ( most of us are still confused whether its the PM or is it the President who gives the speech at the Red Fort on this historic day)

Well... do you remember when was the last time you sung the national anthem??? No... (Besharmi ki bhi haddh hoti hai yaar!!!) .... I too dont remember..but i think it was when i was in 10th standard.... maybe... I am not sure....

Ok... lets forget all this.... Tell me how many of you know the national symbols of India??? this is not a quiz.... I am just checking your general knowledge... There are just six National Symbols ...

1. National Flag
2. National Emblem
3. National Animal
4. Natinal Bird
5. National Tree
6. National Flower

Just scratch your brains for a while... i.e. if you have one.... Else you can cheat and look at the answers below.... The answers are :

1. National Flag --- Tiranga (The simplest one... those who failed chullu bhar paani mein doob jao)

2. National Emblem --- Three lions visible and fourth one hidden from view ( Check out the cover page of your passport or if you dont have one... borrow a coin from your Dad)

3. National Animal --- Tiger ( Its not Lion or Elephant as some of you thought)

4. Natinal Bird --- Peacock ( White Dove is a peace symbol you nut!!!)

5. National Tree --- Banyan ( Not Ashoka yaar.. whats the matter with you??)

6. National Flower --- Lotus ( You will only think of Roses... all you romantic types)

Now that I have shared so much knowledge with you guys..... Do me a favour... Write down these answers on a sheet of paper 10 times and paste it on your bedroom wall...

That will make sure you never forget this!!!!