Friday, February 25, 2005

Species of the Animal Kingdom

Hi friends,

This is our first blog. We were all inspired by your blogs. So we guys thought of creating our own new blog. This is why you are reading this.
Hey wait a sec. You must be wondering who the hell are "WE". Well, "WE" comprises of all the names listed below . Now that we have given our introduction, let us start.

This Animal Kindom also known as Kingdom Animalia consists of 12 endangered species. Each specie is one of a kind. Though all of them show different characteristics, they show a tendency to stay together. All of them can be found in groups. The most amazing fact about this kingdom is that there are no fights between them. Scientific studies have proved that each of the specie is very unique.

Though there is less interaction of some species at the present but still they are in constant touch with each other. Some of the species still meet on weekendsand have a great time. For more information on each of these species read the classification below. These species can be spotted anywhere in Mumbai or sometimes near any tourist spots in India.

Note: All the information given is true to the best of our knowledge. We reserve all the rights for the information provided. Reproduction of this data by any means is strictly prohibited. Do so at your own risk.



AKA: Bulli, Chulbulli, Sheikh Chilli

Likes to call himself as: John Abraham


TRAITS: Slender and heighted like a Bamboo
Fragile and delicate body (Please handle with care)
Official Bakra of the group
Likes to brag in front of girls (For more info contact Manager)
Sweet talker when he wants any info about a girl

SPOTTED : Anywhere in northern part of India (Currently in Patna)

ACHIEVEMENTS: Managed to survive after being tormented and subjected to third degree torture from the group

Our Vision After 10 Years: Still trying to figure out how did Manager impress so many girls


GENUS: Ameya

AKA: Thakur, Manager

Likes to call himself as: Arjun Rampal (Do you remember the fashion show--JaanLeva?)

MOST USED LINE: “Sorry Yaar…..”

TRAITS: Is the common link between the guys and gals (Mandwali Badshah)
Believes in saying Sorry and ending all grudges
Was the unofficial stud of the college (Hope the gals agree…)
King of Taang Dena- only for guys(Calls up at the last moment to say he is unavailable)

SPOTTED: Mindspace ki galiyon mein

ACHIEVEMENTS: Managed to solve the ‘misunderstandings’ between the guys and gals

Our Vision After 10 Years: Author of the best selling book “Managing Gals made easy by Thakur”



AKA: Prod, Bawa, Nature Boy, Naik Naik and Kamzor Kali

Likes to call himself as: Devgan


TRAITS: The delicate darling of the group (Hence Kamzor Kali)
Requires thorough ventilation for survival (Needs all the windows open at night)
Stares at a girl with mouth wide open till she is out of sight
An avid cricket fan (Watches cricket matches even during Maths KT exams)

SPOTTED: In his building compound with his mouth wide open (Plz. Understand)

ACHIEVEMENTS: Cleared Maths I after 6 attempts (Phew!!!)

Our Vision After 10 Years: Clearing Fitness Exam in 1st attempt (We hope…Dua karo)



AKA: Jhurani, Jumanji

Likes to call himself as: ----

Most used line: “Bus kya yaar…”

TRAITS: Receding hairline and exceeding paunch (Beer belly) makes him a balanced gentleman
Believes in ordering something different from the group (Learnt a lesson doing so)
Fond of Aloos (
Potatoes in any form)

SPOTTED: Playing ‘Age of Empires’ in the wee hours of the morning

ACHIEVEMENTS: Undisputed champion of ‘Mind Games’

Our vision after 10 years: Married to the most beautiful girl in Australia



AKA: Vicks ki Goli

Likes to call himself as: Dexter

MOST USED LINE: “Sahi hai….”

TRAITS: Most hyperactive
At the center of all plans
Likes to talk technical stuff (which goes over our head)
Immensely talented and has the potential to confuse the best of the scholars or IITians around (NASA please note)

SPOTTED: At most robotic competitions with his little robot

ACHIEVEMENTS: Has won every technical debate till date (Undisputed champ)

Our vision after 10 years: Successfully proving Atul’s 3 laws of Telecom and bagging a Nobel Prize


GENUS: Denzil

AKA: Denzi, Pao

Likes to call himself as: Devil


TRAITS: “Chehre pe mat jaao..Apni aakal lagaao”. Looks innocent but far from being so.
Got those mischievous look in his eyes…(Gals say so…)
Always up to something… got an answer to every damn question…always a funny one…

SPOTTED: Just can’t say where u can find him or should I say with whom you find him….

ACHIEVEMENTS: Cleared Mechanics I and II in 5 attempts each (Now…. Isn’t that a great achievement?)

Our vision after 10 years: Making sine waves in the Telecommunication World


Genus: Naveen

AKA: Navandi (derived from Suppandi), Connecting & Builder

Likes to call himself as: King of the World

MOST USED LINE: “I’m the man of the moment”

TRAITS: Please give him some time to connect before u expect an answer from him..
Is the only fitness freak in the group…
Has very good biceps and is currently working on 6 pack abs…

SPOTTED: Doing his second set of crunches in his gym

ACHIEVEMENTS: Impressed a gal in 2 days flat (Details to follow in the next blog)

Our vision after 10 years: Having a ‘V’ shaped body with 6 pack abs and 21” biceps ( Most likely within a year)


GENUS: Prashant

AKA: Chindi, Public

Likes to call himself as: Uncle

MOST USED LINE: “Chal be.....”

TRAITS: Please don’t mess around with his bike.
Has this uncanny knack of uttering the most pakao PJ’s at the wrong time (When gals are around)
Tries to be the best photographer around (He seriously needs training in photography)
Is a nocturnal animal

SPOTTED: Mulund mein ghoomta hoga..apne jaan ke saath..(Gals..don’t worry..its his bike..)

ACHIEVEMENTS: Has driven the car on footpaths and dividers without killing any pedestrians (An immensely talented Night Driver)

Our vision after 10 years: The second Indian in F1 (If u don’t believe us get into his car once)


GENUS: Pritam

AKA: Pakya

Likes to call himself as: Johnny Bravo

Most used line: “Haan Kya?”

TRAITS: Has immense talent in impressing gals over the phone (Also tried other communication methods like messenger but was unsuccessful)
Is the undisputed GURU of Mumbaiya (Punter) language {Tapri, naka, gacchhi, chito chat and the long list continues……..}
Invents best one-liners you can ever come across

SPOTTED: At tapris or nakas of Dombivli

ACHIEVEMENTS: He has done it all… seen it all…

Our vision after 10 years: Happily married to an only daughter of a rich businessman


GENUS: Rehan

AKA: Janwar, Ravaan

Likes to call himself as: Salman

MOST USED LINE: “Teri maa ki…”

TRAITS: A strong believer of ‘Action speaks louder than Words’ (Laaton ke bhoot baaton se nahi maante)
This belief gets stronger when it comes to Ali.
Always gets his work done…by gaali or by Ali
Is the official Poongi Bajaoer of the group (Holds the Group Record for the most Poongis of Ali)

SPOTTED: Near Bandstand or anywhere near Reclamation (Note: Can also be seen in places where there is utter chaos)

ACHIEVEMENTS: NIL (Yet to achieve something.... We are waiting)

Our vision after 10 years: Hired by an international call center to collect dues from defaulters (Can use his uncensored language)


GENUS: Shirish

AKA: Anna, Shetty

Likes to call himself as: Anna

MOST USED LINE: ---- (Believes in the saying "Golden Words are not repeated")

TRAITS: Always seen pulling someone’s leg (Taang Khinchna)
Possesses a good sense of humor (Uses it to a very good effect)
Does not like to be formal or be respected (Does not believe in Izzat)
Hates to fall in love.. Believes only in Arranged Marriage (Gals..Sorry to disappoint you…)

SPOTTED: Always cracking jokes

ACHIEVEMENTS: Solid Panga with almost every professor in college (Contact-- Bhavna Thakur, Loankar, Nemade or Shelke for details)

Our vision after 10 years: Happily married with a kid and a BAR


GENUS: Tarun

AKA: Adopted by Telecom, Ambelal, Mango, Ambe,

Likes to call himself as: (Girls--- your suggestions are welcome)

“Paagal hai kya?”

TRAITS: Fond of Eating and Sleeping (Our group’s Kumbakaran)
Gals here is a tip for you… The way to Tarun’s heart is through his stomach..
(Hurry up gals…. Offer open till Tarun lasts)
Loves any kind of friendship with gals…( I mean Phone, Chat, etc.)
Is the unofficial Casanova of the college (I know all the gals will agree…)

SPOTTED: Mostly seen around with girls (Or should we say that girls are seen around him)

ACHIEVEMENTS: Did the impossible...Stripped on the stage in front of the college crowd...(Girls who missed it....We really feel sorry for them)

Our vision after 10 years: Still trying to figure out which girl he should marry…