Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chennai Superstars

28 hours before the Chennai Trip -

My mobile rings. I answer the call.
Me: "Hello"
Other end: "Acha... What time is the train?"
(I smiled to myself. This could be none other than Atul. No hi.. no hello... direct to the topic..)
Me: "I need to confirm with Bhaiyya (not referring to my brother - but Sanjith) and also I think Ali might not be able to make it though he is still to confirm."
Atul: "Should I cancel my ticket?" (When the tickets were booked, Bhaiyya had got confirmation from only 4. Atul was the 5th to make his decision to join us for Kandu's wedding in Chennai. So, he was supposed to be travelling in the 2nd class while we managed to secure our AC 3 Tier)
Me: "Hold on. Let Ali confirm. Don't cancel your ticket until I ask you to."
Atul: (Hyper as usual) "Thik hai. I will call you tomorrow to confirm."
Me: Okey dokey then. Bye.
Atul: --- (disconnected. No bye. I wasn't surprised. After all he doesnt believe in exchanging pleasantries over the phone.)

Next day - 1:00 PM

My phone rings again. I see Atul's name flashing on the screen.

Me: "Haan bol Atul." (learning to start conversations without Hi hellos from the master himself)
Atul: "Did Ali call you up? Is he coming? Should i cancel my ticket?"
Me: "I told you right. Don't cancel your ticket. I will let you know if you need to. Anyways let me speak to Ali. I will give you a call by 2:00 and let you know."
Atul: OK (Call disconnects)

2:45 PM

I call up Atul after having a conversation with Ali.
Me: "Ali hasn't still confirmed. So hold on to your horses."
Atul: (in frustrated tone)"I cancelled my ticket."
Me: (even more frustrated) "Kisne bola hero banne? What did I keep telling you? And why are u always in such a hurry?"
Atul: "You were supposed to call me by 2:00. So when you did not... I cancelled my ticket."
Me: "Great. Wonderful. I have nothing to say."
Atul: "Ok"
Me: "See you tomorrow at CST" (CST was the station where we were supposed to board the train to Chennai)

I thought to myself. Wow. What a start. Everything was so well planned unlike everytime. Tickets booked. Leaves approved. All set. All we had to do was get up tomorrow and board the train from CST. Next one week was gonna be all fun. But then we all love adventures and uncertainties on our trips. So our trip was incomplete without some last moment adventures. And this time Atul had set his mind to provide some of it to us.

Next part - What happens next? 4 tickets - 5 guys. How did we reach?
Coming Soon... :)


IPO said...

wow. nice suspense u created in the end huh...i knw the can it be with out adventures.

mysticarni said...

wow sahi hai .. sounds exciting .. i wanna read more more more .. Ye dil maange more.. aaha :p

DenziL said...

Thanks IPO and Arni... Next post is up.. :)