Friday, June 17, 2005

Jaane Kyon?

Has it ever happened to you that you watched a movie and then wondered why doesn't this happen in REAL Life???

Well, it has definitely happened to me..... Here are some of my expert observations which I would like to share with you all:

Disclaimer: The writer is suffering from mental imbalance. The contents of the post are extremely insane. Read it at your own RISK.

1. Why doesn't the HERO\HEROINE ever brush their teeth in the morning?

2. Why doesn't the HERO pay the autorickshaw or the taxi fare when he gets out of the vehicle while chasing someone in hot persuit?

3. Why doesn't the HERO\HEROINE get a cold when they get wet in the rain?

4. Why doesn't the HERO show any bruises on the body the next day after a bloody fight with the GOONDAS?

5. From where does a HERO learn his shooting skills? coz he can shoot the GOONDAS without wasting any bullets.

6. Why does the Rich Guy have to fall in love with a poor Gal?

7. Why does the HEROINE look so fresh and her night dress is all neat without any creases even after waking up in the morning?

8. Why do the detectives wear long coats and a hat if they don't want to get noticed?

9. Why does the best friend of the HERO fall in love with the best friend of the HEROINE?

10. How does the HERO manage to sing so well to impress his girl?

Hey Guys... don't kill me for my insane comments... coz U all know Main Aisa Ky0on Hoon!!!


andy said...

buhahaha.. well i have more for you.. how can mithun slice a bullet into 2. how can he make a hole in a wall to hang his hat...:|.. how can rajnisaar shoot a cigarette to light it and also make it fall on his lips at the exact same time..... i guess a hot wet "coldless" heroine is NO match for these masters.......and YOU gotta admit!!!..they ARE DAMN COOL!!..:p:p

andy said...

hey ya.. letting ya guys know again.
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lets make this a mini-jondhale meet up also..:P

tabs said...


then i wanna win! ;)

i know ans.10
the hero can sing well thanks to bappida

geetu said...

hey i hv one more.. ! how do the heroines manage to sleep in the nite wearing all tht make up n jewellery and dont forget the saree!! hvnt they heard bout Night Suits!! LOL

DENZIL said...

Hey thank u all for ur comments...its good to know that I am not the only one who thinks 'Jaane Kyon???'